Commercial Services

Green America Tree Care provides a variety of services for commercial properties and HOAs including tree risk assessment, landscaping, and water management.

Tree trimming

Tree Trimming and Pruning

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Our professional tree care services can prevent your property from irreparable damage caused by underqualified tree cutting services that can leave trees susceptible to rotting and insect infestation, creating a safety hazard for people and damage to surrounding property.

Although this type of growth is natural, it often adds unnatural weight and stress to a tree’s base or root system. When a tree is not thinned or pruned properly, it is more susceptible to disease and storm damage. Pruning some softer wood trees can also extend their lives.

Tree pruning is an essential part of maintaining the health and beauty of your trees. It is also a safety precaution to minimize liability from falling branches.

Tree Removal

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With over ten years of experience, we provide professional, informative, and safe tree removal services to the residents of Atlanta and surrounding areas. We believe that maintaining trees is essential for their development and the safety of your home.

Hence, we strive to maintain happy and healthy trees through pest control management, root treatment, and other means. We offer full-service tree removal for dead trees that pose a serious threat to the property.

At Green America Tree Care, we are equipped to handle tree removal of any size, with minimal invasive practices to prevent as much damage as possible to the surrounding areas.

tree removal
commercial landscaping

Landscape Design and Installation

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We can help you eliminate the issues associated with deforestation and shrinking green spaces by providing top-quality landscaping services for preserving and protecting the environment. Be it seasonal plantings, redesigning an entryway, or any drainage problem—we’ve got you covered. We have a team of professional landscapers who utilize cutting-edge tools and drive you towards a more sustainable world.

Prepare yourself for the transformation that we are going to bring to your property with the perfect finishing touches.

Irrigation Installation and Maintenance

You need to have proper irrigation facilities to maintain your property in the best way possible. Green America Tree Care experts carry comprehensive knowledge and expertise and can deal with any kind of irrigation problem. From older systems that are frequently in need of repairs and updates to the installation of the latest technology—we can handle it all.
commercial irrigation
Tractor mounted hydraulic brush cutter at work in a summer day

Brush and Lot Clearing

If you have overgrown areas of your property that need to be reclaimed or you have a larger-scale clearing project to make way for the addition of recreational or living space, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us about our brush and lot clearing services.

Emergency Storm and Disaster Relief

Following storms in Atlanta, it is common to see fallen limbs, branches, and even entire trees strewn about the city. We understand that these storms can bring major headaches for homeowners in the way of damage to structures, property, and vehicles.

We give top priority to storm clean-up efforts. Our team is ready to respond as quickly as possible in order to provide relief and clear the way for any further restoration efforts to begin.

commercial emergency storm cleanup
commercial emergency service

Stormwater Management

Stormwater management services include clean-out of detention ponds and drained/dry retention ponds as per county and city regulations. These services should be performed annually to clear brush and avoid applicable city and county fines.

Stormwater management and mitigation are crucial to prevent runoff, erosion, and damage to property. Additionally, we offer the design and installation of dry creek beds to reroute the flow of stormwater in an effort to address and prevent water intrusion on commercial properties.