Although trees are living organisms, it could be a while before you can understand they are not doing well. Unlike humans or animals, they are not as animated about expressing their feelings. However, trees can be sick too, and as tree lovers, you would want to care for them so they can live through their full cycle.

How Can Trees Become Sick?

Trees can become sick for many reasons, the most common being storm damage or pest infestation. Lack of water, sunshine, and nutrients can be detrimental to their overall growth. Expert care is needed once you have noticed signs of your tree or plant being sick.

Here are some common symptoms that show that your trees need help.

1. Seeping Fluids

You may notice some whitish seepage coming out from the trees, especially near the nodes. The fluid may also collect at the base of the tree. It may also give off an unpleasant odor, and the fluid may turn dark over time.

It is often not a good sign if you see fungus forming on your trees. The fungus may be a dull green or grey in color, or it may appear like white spores. Once it starts forming, it will continue to fester unless completely removed. It could be a sign of rot deep inside the bark or that a particular section of the tree is dying. You may also notice powder-like mildew. This is more common for very old trees.

3. Peeling Barks

While sections of the bark may peel off in some trees when the seasons change, if you see extensive peeling that exposes the trunk’s core, your tree is not healthy. It might be because your tree is not getting enough nutrients, and you will need expert consultation to determine the underlying cause.

4. Blackened Shoots

You may have certain sections of your tree turning black. This is different from the leaves drying and wilting, which happens every season. You may also notice the flowers or pods turning black as well. These could be caused due to blights, and the tree has to be treated to recover, or it may infect the surrounding trees as well.

5. Pest Infestation

If you notice chewed leaves, insect webs, defoliated branches, matted and colorless foliage, larvae, or holes in the leaves or trunks, your tree could have a pest infestation. Insects often nest in dying trees or will sometimes attack a healthy tree for sustenance and cause its slow death by feeding on it like a parasite. It would be best to get rid of the insects as soon as possible for the tree’s survival.

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